How does it work?

I decided to release a digital edition of my album a few months before a physical (and different) version. So I talked with Tree Nation to let you plant a tree and have some music in return.

The idea is that you will be able to directly plant a tree in my forest with your name on it, creating a profile there. You can also decide to purchase the album through Bandcamp, and I’ll plant a tree for you. You will be able to locate your tree and to plant more trees on your own.

That’s because we need to face the fact that hurricanes, poverty, global warming and all the Electrificateurs out there must be stopped. Planting trees does not solve the problem, but it helps.

The process is quite simple, but here’s what you need to know:

  1. Visit my profile, plant whichever tree you prefer and receive, whitin a couple of hours, a link to download my album. Otherwise visit my bandcamp page, purchase the album and receive, whitin a couple of hours, a link with the description, location and everything you should know about your tree.

    Please, note that bandcamp applies an extra-fee for which there’s nothing I can do.

  2. If you decide to plant a tree in my forest there will be your name on it and anyone could see it. If you prefer to remain anonymous, use bandcamp or contact me: I’ll plant a tree for you.
  3. When you plant a tree or when I plant a tree for you, you will receive a “tree-certificate” with all the information about the tree you planted.
  4. You can make your price from 4 euros up, and you can plant more than one tree if you want to. If I have to plant a tree for you, I will use all your money for that, that is, I will plant a more expensive tree or I will plant more than one tree. I will be in touch with tree-nation and they will suggest me what’s better.
  5. Please share this initiative: as you can notice, this has non-commercial purposes, I’m not trying to become a pop-star, I just want to share my music in a new way.       I hope you will appreciate.


If you have any kind of question, ask away through the contact page of this blog.

Thank you very much for your concern.