What are we up to?

Clicca qui se preferisci l’italiano.

My name is Matteo Fiorini and I’m a guitar player.

Last July I spent two days in a beautiful former church in my hometown, in Italy, to  record my new album. Or the first one, since this is the first release in which I use my real name. I wanted to tell a story with my acoustic guitar and nothing else: no cable, no overdubs and no stage name.

Le grand électrificateur is a monster who wants us to be soulless puppets, and of course he does exist. And he must be defeated.

I’ll release a digital edition through my bandcamp page and every single cent will be used to plant a tree that will become your tree.


LGEDA - Bozza copertina

Plant a tree, get my music. Or the other way around.

That’s quite simple:

Visit my profileplant whichever tree you prefer – receive, whitin a couple of hours, a link to download my album.


Visit my bandcamp page – purchase the album – receive, whitin a couple of hours, a link with the description, location and everything you should know about your tree.

That’s it.

Read this to get all the details you need.

He shall not win. Keep your soul, help the planet.